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Research paper writing takes a lot of effort on the part of the writer. There are so many different skills involved, that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, and where to turn when things go wrong. What complicates the matter is that there are so many cheap online services which offer to write research papers for people that it can be very easy to simply ask them to do the work instead of having to do it alone. Writing services are undeniably useful, but not everybody finds them to be strictly ethical - there is contention about their services, and this can have an effect on the person or people who are using those services. This article will discuss research papers, and how our site can help with writing those research papers.

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Are Custom Writing Services Ethical?

Many people, when confronted with research paper writing services, assume that they must be unethical, because the student is technically passing off another person's work as their own.

However, writing services have existed for a long time without anybody having similar issues with them. Most of the better ones place a very high stress on the fact that they provide custom essays, which means that the essay has been written specifically for the person who had ordered it. Thus, the essay was not written as somebody else`s work - it had just been bought from somebody else.

The only way that writing services become unethical is by the student who ordered the essay using it as a means to share work with other people. It then does become plagiarism.

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Why are we the Experts in Research Paper Writing?

Top Team

Our team of educated professionals is the best team anybody could pay to write a research paper on the internet. All of our administrative staff are intimately familiar with the site that we use, and we ask that our writers have a high degree of both academic and business experience before they join us.

Ten Years of Experience

Our writers are all highly experienced in both academic and business fields, as has been mentioned. We ask that our writers have at least one degree, so that they can bring both specialist knowledge of a particular subject, and also general knowledge of academic writing styles to their jobs. Beyond that, we also require people to have several years of experience working in the academic writing field itself.

USA Based Company

Sky Research Papers is based within the USA, although the internet means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Being in the US means that it will be in the same time zone as a huge number of students, and will also have English as its primary language. This is good for people who have English as a first language, but is also good for someone who does not speak English as their first language, as it allows them to access people who can speak English to the degree necessary for academic success.

More than One Thousand Papers Written for the Last Ten Years

Our site has been able to turn out more than one thousand papers in the past decade, due to both our fantastic writers, and to our customer service programme, which has brought huge numbers of both new and repeat customers to us throughout the years. This huge number of papers indicates that we are one of the best research paper writing services currently out there.

Our Process

  • Fill out the order form - first of all, anybody who wants our services needs top outline exactly what they need, and when they need it by. They should include as much information as possible, including the type of essay, the subject, the way they want it approached, the number of pages, and anything else that they think is important.
  • Add files (if needed) - any files which the customer thinks are important should be added at this point - this can be sources which they want used, examples of the essay or bibliography (if it is an unusual style), and also possibly the questions being asked on the essay itself.
  • Make payment - at this point, people are asked to make payments for their research paper. This is normally accomplished via either or credit\debit card.
  • Get your paper - after payment has been received, the writers will write the paper, check it, and then hand it over to the administrative staff. They give it a second check, and then send it out to the customer.
Who are our clients?
We keep our client data private and confidential. We will never spam you or resell your account information. We guarantee that!

Our Advantages

  • One hundred percent original guaranteed - the site guarantees that everyone who asks them to write my research paper for them will receive a paper which is completely new and unique every single time. We work very hard to avoid plagiarism in all our work.
  • Up to five free revisions - we offer our customers up to five free revisions per paper, so that they can get the best paper we can offer. Mistakes can happen, which is why we have such a flexible policy on revisions - if there is a miscommunication, hopefully we will be able to fix it.
  • Flexible discounts - unlike other sites, which have only a fixed discount for its customers, we offer flexible discounts which change according to how many papers they have ordered. These discounts are quite substantial, and they can be applied to every paper after a certain limit has been reached.
  • Native writers - all of our writers are native speakers, in order to ensure that our customers are given the best writing possible. This also helps non-native speakers, as they can be sure of a paper which will match their academic level, even if their English isn`t quite capable of it yet.
  • Round the clock support - we offer customers and potential customers twenty four hour access to our customer service every day of the week. They can ask whatever questions they want, and we will try to answer.
  • Urgent delivery is possible - we can give people a variety of delivery dates, and we can also offer them some quick deliveries, although of course this will cost them more money.

Using it is easy and straightforward for students to craft coherent essays about several topics.

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